👋 Hi, I'm Keith Monaghan

🙂 Who I am:  I specialize in research-driven marketing with a human touch. I started my marketing career in the Silicon Valley during the early days of the internet (boy, did we learn a lot back then!)  

💻 What I do: My work as a Marketing Director and Market Researcher helps creative teams with national marketing campaigns, experiential marketing, consumer behavior, and branding strategies. 

🤝 Who I help: Nike, The CW Network, Lucasfilm (yep, the Star Wars people), Upworthy, Specialized Bicycles, Trek, and others.

🔨 Past work: I created and managed email marketing campaigns to millions of subscribers for companies like NBC Television and Lucasfilm. 

To my surprise, help with email marketing is still a common request from clients and friends. So I wrote Easy Email Marketing: 10 Simple Steps For Creating And Sending Email Your Customers Will Love. It's free on Google Drive.

The audio version is available on the Listenable app for iPhone.

📱Get in touch 

You can find me online here:

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